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Our Company

Welcome to Etqan Al Mutamaiz Advocates and Legal Consultants

After tracing and extrapolating during our practice of this noble profession, we sensed the relative relationship between the lawyer and the client of all kinds, despite our observation that most law firms provide the same services, so we decided to observe this phenomenon and monitor it on both the quantitative and qualitative axes and study it after completing all the data and with many and intensive experiences that lasted for a decade, and one of its most important outputs was Three foundations that we found to be the focus and essence of excellence.

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Why itqan?

Because we consider that the first line of defense is the happy customer, and caring for him ensures the continuity of our bid. Therefore, we carefully monitor the customer satisfaction index.

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Itqan Law Firm and Legal Consultation

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The principles of Itqan Al-Mutamayiz Advocates and Legal Consultants constitute its strategic fuel to serve its clients and promote the culture of legal work within the framework of the local environment. Our principles include:

Strength and security

Itqan Al Mutamayez Advocates and Legal Consultants believes that the strength of its legal team in preserving and defending the rights of its clients must be mixed with the principle of honesty, trust and professionalism to complete the most important foundations of unique and distinguished legal work.


Local experience with international standards

Itqan Al Mutamayez Advocates and Legal Consultants Company guarantees to its clients the provision of their services through a team characterized by the depth of local experience and close knowledge in all its aspects, in addition to applying the highest international quality standards.


Commitment to its professional responsibility

Itqan Al Mutamaiz Advocates and Legal Consultants believes in the importance of contributing to the development of the profession's community.

Itqan Law Firm and Legal Consultation

Our message

We seek in Etqan Al Mutamaiz Advocates and Legal Consultants to keep pace with what we have witnessed and are witnessing in this golden decade of reforms, amendments, leaps and radical transformations in the justice environment that enable us to work as an integrated system in providing all our services in all regions, cities and governorates of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Our lawyer

Meet our lawyer



Eman Ahmed Issa Al-Youssef

Deputy Director of the Dammam Office

Abeer Al-Saadi

Director of Jeddah office

Mohamed Abdelrahman

public relations officer

Mahmoud Farid

IT Department official
Itqan Law Firm and Legal Consultation

Our vision

At Etqan Al Mutamaiz Advocates & Legal Consultants, we aim to:

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